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Farmers Market Delivery

ALL NATURAL, HOMEMADE HAND SANITIZER, Organic Meats, Pasture Raised Eggs, Award-Winning Salsa, Artisan Sea Salts, Honey, Handmade Soaps/CBD oil, Granola, Fruit/Vegetable Juices, Baked Goods, Microgreens, and More!!!

Please note most of our vendors are selling products that are perishable. Please leave a phone number where we can reach you upon delivery. Thank you!

All Natural Salsas

My wife and I have been teachers for over 20 years and I coached high school sports for most of that time. We have been making salsa for over 20 years and decided to see what the general public thought about it as we brought it to the Tomball Farmers Market nearly 4 years ago. It was an amazing hit and took off to a point that I had to retire from education to keep up with the salsa. We offer roasted red traditional salsas (some hot, some not) and our most popular CREAMY AVOCADO 🥑 salsas as well as our own home style chips (gluten free)! Always 100% all-natural with no additives, preservatives or added sugars! We live by this simple rule:

“We don’t put anything in our salsas that we can’t spell” (even though “tomatillos” is tough sometimes)

Made fresh daily on MAIN STREET TOMBALL, TEXAS!