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ALL NATURAL, HOMEMADE HAND SANITIZER, Organic Meats, Pasture Raised Eggs, Award-Winning Salsa, Artisan Sea Salts, Honey, Handmade Soaps/CBD oil, Granola, Fruit/Vegetable Juices, Baked Goods, Microgreens, and More!!!

Please note most of our vendors are selling products that are perishable. Please leave a phone number where we can reach you upon delivery. Thank you!

Real Peel​​​

In 2014, creator and owner of Real Peel Juice, Aubrey Hoffman was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Unable to eat much at all, constantly feeling horrible and having a miserable time figuring out how to help herself, she had to change something.

After countless medications, tests and trial and error, Aubrey tried acupuncture. That certainly helped, but it wasn’t the full change her body needed.

In late 2015, Aubrey's brother suggested she try juicing. Desperate for something to actually work, she gave it a shot and was amazed by how much better she felt, and it was immediate. Not only was Aubrey's stomach getting the help it needed, but the rest of her body was benefiting from all of the amazing nutrients in the juice.

After a few months of juicing, Aubrey was back to a healthy weight, had more energy, and overall felt better. She desired to share this newfound knowledge with everyone, enter Real Peel Juice & Nutrition.

Now, she has helped countless clients with her juice and nutrition programs.

"Keep it Fresh. Keep it Simple. Keep it Real"Whether you lack energy, have recurring headaches, desire relief from digestion problems or other symptoms, our juice is created specifically to address these issues.

It’s not a cure-all by any means, but it’s a step in a healthier direction. Juicing isn't just a trend, it is a means to better health.​