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Farmers Market Delivery

ALL NATURAL, HOMEMADE HAND SANITIZER, Organic Meats, Pasture Raised Eggs, Award-Winning Salsa, Artisan Sea Salts, Honey, Handmade Soaps/CBD oil, Granola, Fruit/Vegetable Juices, Baked Goods, Microgreens, and More!!!

Please note most of our vendors are selling products that are perishable. Please leave a phone number where we can reach you upon delivery. Thank you!



Our lambs are a cross between Katahdin/Dorper sheep. They are grass fed/grass finished.

Pastured Eggs

Lamb chops

"lollipop" cut (lamb equivalent of a ribeye) 

1 lb for only

Lollipop Lamb Chops
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Leg of Lamb

Ranges from 3-4.5 pounds and is also known as a Lamb Hind Roast

1 lb for only

Leg of Lamb
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LAMB - Stew Meat

Cut into perfect sized pieces for your stew; approx. 1 lb packages

1 lb for only

Lamb Stew Meat
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